Work Force Connection


              Spence filming a Local Commercial for

           Work Force Connection – This handsome African

             American Actor was once a Semi Pro – Football

            Player . Spence may be playing an Electrician –

               watch for that commercial in about a week.

               Fresno Auto Show – Models – Cars & Fun

                  thanks to our Models for Modeling at

                the incredible Fresno Auto Show – and

                   to 7 of you auditioning for the Huge

                L.A. Auto Show. Carollyn modeled at the

                  LA Auto Show for over 11 years – what

                a career she has had – now she helps you

                  get into this exciting business.

               Hollywood Interviews


What a week – wow – Commercials & Modeling Interviews

                         for all ages. Holiday Commercials – Super Bowl Commercials-


                       Bob V – senior actor – auditioning for “Scrubs” go Bob

                          go. Brett P. and Casey S. both from Clovis – have

                        appeared on “Scrubs” numerous times. Great show to

                             work on.

                       Thomas H. (Teen ) from Dinuba auditioning for a role

                            on “Sons of Tuscon “

                       Darrian S. from Kingsburg age 9 ? 10- Commercial to be

                         shown in Wisconsin.

                         Heather W. and Alexandra H – Teens from Fresno and

                       Eric – teen from Visalia – looking “Disney Wholesome” for

                         a new Jonas Brother’s video – WOW

                       Noah age 9 on his way to audition for a National Christmas

                          Commercial for Hallmark.  Thomas W. from Hanford

                        landed a Christmas Hallmark Commercial when he was

                           age 4 – now Thomas is age 9 and  auditioned with his

                          twin brothers James & Jack for a Disney Print  (Modeling)

                            job this week.

                            Ralph M. from Sanger – retired fire dept captain –

                            Stars in a National “Bud Lite” commercial and this

                             week has an audition for a National Pizza Commercial.

                               Ralph has to dress in Jeans and plaid shirt –

                                  Ralph has been in “Cesar Chavez Story ” 

                                “Stricken” and “Finding Hope Now”  Carollyn

                               De Vore the Casting Director on all those projects.

                            Theatre – many of you are performing in local theatre –

                               let us know where you are performing – so we can

                             all come see you.

                              Darrian age 9 from Kingsburg – in a Christmas Play

                                at the Reedley Opera House.

                            Our office is so busy – we cannot figure out how

                             Carollyn can be on “Facebook” but thanks for

                              asking everyone. We cannot keep up with her


                               Carollyn is usually in Hollywood three days a

                             week – so she see’s “New Faces” on Sundays

                               check our studio phone 559-255-2317

                               Kourtney D age 10  from Clovis – auditioning

                                   for a National Commercial for “Milk”.

                                  Carollyn’s daughter – Heather starred in

                                 two Milk Commercials – good luck Kourtney.

                            Jordan age 18 – auditioning for a

                       Series Regular on a “Soap Opera”

                                Jordan is from Clovis.

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