We Must Apologize

                         De Vore Studios sends an apology out to our clients

                           and actors who auditioned this summer for

                            “Finding Hope Now”  – if you have been solicited

                            thru E. mail  to take workshops – attend a “meet and

                             Greet”  whatever  ” We are shocked ” you have been

                              contacted  – we did not give out your personal information.

                                Someone took that information – without permission

                              from our Producer or Director on that Project.

                            Our phones are still ringing off the hook – we usually

                              “turn the other cheek ” but we have to comment on

                               this .

                            Carollyn has cast hundreds of projects – and on all

                               casting projects – names and e.mails of you

                              auditioning are private – and not to be used by

                              anyone working on the film. Privacy Act – etc.

                                Those confidential records stay with the

                                production –

                                When you decide to take a workshop –

                                Set protocol  -etc make sure your teacher has been

                                  on Hollywood Sets – for years – in Hollywood –


                                 Carollyn and Dorothy taught a great “Free” workshop

                                 to all the actors on “Finding Hope Now”  On the set

                                   protocol for minors – parents – and adults.

                                 Make sure your Acting Coaches are professional –

                                 Members of Screen Actors Guild as Actors – Writers

                                  Guild – Equity Actors – Directors Guild etc.

                                  FSU and our other college’s offer great workshops

                                    and have great professors – Carollyn will also be

                                   glad to recommend local acting coaches to you

                                     and in the Hollywood area.

                                  We will offer a FREE workshop for all of you who

                                    live locally in October – on “Set Protocol ”  at

                                      De Vore Studios – Date & Time  TBA

                                         all ages welcome .

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