T.V. Mini Series

Carollyn is casting local actors – all ages

for a TV Mini Series – we often get Hollywood

Production calls 24 hours a day – so we don’t

want to make a phone call to you at Midnight –

please please  check your E. mails before you

go to bed and in the morning – you don’t want

to miss an interview for a National Commercial

or Film – we have one client from Sanger on a National

Commercial that has made over $16,000

in the past six weeks- yes – everytime a

National Commercial runs – you get paid-

  start your career today with De Vore Talent.

We will see new people Sunday July 20th at

12 Noon at our studio in Fresno.

  On the set of the T.V. Mini series today is

TERRY N –  Ted E –  Victor – all from Fresno-

Melissa from Visalia and Krystal from Tulare –

Filming for 2 weeks – watch your E. mails –

   Have a great summer

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