Thanksgiving Blessings – “Great Day ” Friday Nov 28

  Watch Aaron Hill and Carollyn De Vore on “Great Day” on KMPH

      Fox Television on Friday November 28, 2008 – Aaron is home

      to spend Thanksgiving with his family in Clovis – Aaron stars on

      the ABC Family Series “Greek” – just filmed “Transformers II “

       and is filming “Warriors” feature film in December.


      Rebecca S. and Rhonda H  from Visalia – auditioning in Hollywood

      for a National Car Commercial – Soccer Moms age – the young moms

       drove to Hollywood together and then enjoyed the Kodak Center

      Mall in Hollywood   ( Carollyn’s office for years was in this spot )

     Burklee W.  who Carollyn discovered at Yosemite High School –

      starring in a school play – going to college in L.A. now – auditioning

        for a National Fast Food Commercial and Nike –

        This week  Hispanic Kids ( siblings ) for a National Shampoo

         commercial – De Vore Talent’s hispanic division “rocks”

        All ages on a Hallmark Channel Promo – kids – teens – adults

          and grandparents.

         Kourtney age 10 – filming at Disneyland – what fun – we have

           been enjoying showing off her photo with Lou Diamond Phillips

             when she filmed with him this year.

            Girls over 18 – auditioning for Miss America Season 2

               Commercial – some of you are not checking your cell phones

             and E. mail – and missed this – even during the Holidays and

              on weekends…check your phones.

            Babies ages 3 months to 6 months – photos to Hollywood for

              a spring catalog – Lots of Catalog work for 09 coming our way-

              all ages and sizes.

             Models – Male and Female over 18 to model designer Fashions

               for “La La Land”  we sent your photos out on this fun assignment.

               Rebecca C – auditioning for the role of a “Hippie” for a Cholesterol

                Product – national commercial – Rebecca and her daughter

                   Christine age 11 were in Pirates of the Carribean III”

                 House of Barbie – Commercial for China – Pre Teen and Teen


                   Zapf Toys – kids ages 4 to 8 –

                   Dylan – who has been with De Vore Talent for a month  age 4

                  starring in a new commercial for “Fig Garden Villiage” other

                  Models also starring – let us know when you see this new

                  commercial – now Dylan can start his college fund –

                  Web series “Madison Lane”  writer John M  from Madera

                   Ranchos – discovered by Carollyn De Vore – filmed in L.A.

                    and Casey Scott from Clovis has a featured role – we hope

                    to see this soon on a network –  what talent we have here

                    in the Central Valley.

                   Capri Sun – National Commercial – Character Boys  –             

                        Pre-Teen and Teens

                    Highlights from the last few days at De Vore Studios

                         “Your Hollywood Connection” in the Central Valley

                       for 14 years – WOW-


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