Table Mountain Casino – Actors/Models

                     Thanks to all our Actors – from Casting Director – Carollyn De Vore & staff…  all 18 plus of you – wow-

                         Albert T- KP -Barbara G -Rick Z – Claudia B- Cherie M-Edna G -Karen J – Macel H – Shannon W-  Linda H –

Peter C – Wayne C – Elsie H – Pao- Liberty U  and

Linda C. 

Thanks to Linda Hernandez who heads

up our Hispanic Division for working on this fun                         

shoot. Thanks to KP for helping with Asian talent –

                             “We get by with a Little Help from our friends “

                                         Scene Stealers – Showcase

                            Dorothy’s  once a year ( by invitation only )

                          Hollywood Showcase – is going to be filmed –

                            Film Festival Entry – there is so much interest

                           in this workshop – Scene Stealers meets Saturdays

                             11 AM    and Tuesdays at 6:30 – You still have

                             time to register – the Film is going to be about you and your acting career – please wear solid colors

                               no logos – “camera ready “

                                Directors of Photography are being interviewed for this project – filming in Fresno & Hollywood.

                            Dorothy has appeared on TV  with Regis Philbin-

                              numerous times ( as an actress )

                              wonder if we will see her at “Chukchansi ” Casino this week. 

                                    Hot Dog Commercial

                       To Hollywood ( with moms)  Sam age 5 and Jessie

                          age 4 – we had to check with parents to make sure the children would “bite” into a Hot Dog.

National Commercial.

                                             Baby Gap

                            Jayden  age  2  and Ashley age 4 – to LA to

                              interview for a Modeling ( Print ) job for

                              Baby Gap.

                                           Chip – National Commercial

                                Boys & Girls ages 3 to 5 – who love animals –

                                 can work with a puppy – great expressions-

                                   good actors. Yes, we submitted your photos –

                                  Carollyn’s daughter, Heather – as a Child

                                    starred in two Purina Commercials and

                                   starred in over 140 National Commercials –

                               What sport or special talent does your child

                                   have – that will land them a National Commercial        College Money for your child is our goal.


                        Twins – Eric & Matthew age 13 ( with De Vore Talent)

                           since the age of 4 – had fun filming – and one of the

                           Fresno Boys get’s killed ? Is it Eric ? You cannot

                          turn on TV or attend a movie without seeing these

                           Teen Actors.

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