January 2010 – Sundance Film Festival- Utah

            “Back to Reality” is what I always told my daughter –

               after working in Show Business – and it’s a family

             quote –  I loved attending “Sundance Film Festival”

               in Utah – we stayed at the Sundance Resort – Now

             it’s “Back to Reality”  I was still on my computer and

                cell phone – during activities at Sundance – for

              all of your interviews and bookings.  Thanks to

                Terri in the Fresno Office and Suzanne in the Hollywood

               Office for your “backup” 

              I attended numerous Screenings – met dozens of Directors & 

            Producers and had  meetings to Cast up-coming films all over

              the U.S. and spreading the word about how easy

              it is to film here in the Central Valley.

                    I told so many filmmakers about Casting

                 “Finding Hope Now”  and “Stricken”  filmed

                  here in the Central Valley.

                So many film highlights – I enjoyed meeting

                 America Ferrera ( Ugly Betty) who Stars and

                 Produced “The Dry Land” she is a pretty girl-

                  and so smart – and down to earth – we also

                   met Ryan O’Nam & Jason Ritter ( John’s son)

                  who star in the Film –

                   I was also very impressed with Director/Actor

                    Mark Ruffalo – and he studied Acting with

                   Stella Adler in Hollywood as I did – wow

                   what a great guy he is – It took them ten

                    years of planning to shoot “Sympathy for

                     Delicious” – I was hoping to say hello to

                     Juliette Lewis – one of the stars – she was

                      not at the screening the evening I went.

                      I met her years ago when I went to Visit

                       Brad Pitt on the set of “California” and

                       her teriffic mom.

                      I could write about Sundance for a week –

                       Thanks to my daughter for taking me to

                        Sundance for my Birthday – I am already

                        planning for next year.

                       Terri ( at our studio) is working on a new

                        Blog – easier to read – so we will wait for

                        that to let you know about all the interviews

                         our clients are auditioning for.

                               SUPER BOWL SUNDAY

                        ( Studio is closed – open again Tuesday )

John West – Hollywood Location Scout & Manager

found all those Locations and Managed the set For the Super Bowl Commercial for “Buffalo Wild Wings”

                      John was the assistant Location Scout

                    on “Indiana Jones” when they filmed

                      Locally and brought up the “Walk Tall

                       Video” for John Mellencamp – filmed

                        in Hanford –  John continues to promote

                         filming in the Central Valley to his

                           Hollywood Associates. ( Husband of

                            Carollyn De Vore )

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