Summertime Filming –

    Thanks to all our Families who came out to film on Memorial Day at

 Fulton Mall – Carollyn was “on set” at 5 AM – Carollyn cast all the Principal Roles

   and Day Players and Featured roles on “Finding Hope Now”  and now she is

  working on placing all ages as “background” extras on the set. “Finding Hope

   Now” is a Christian based film – so you don’t get paid for a background role-

 but it’s fun to be on the set – you learn a lot about filming – and you get to work

  with Hollywood & Local Stars & director – and you may be discovered for

    another film. It’s rewarding to donate your time to such a wonderful film.

   Carollyn also visited the set of “Stricken” recently – being filmed in Fresno-

    Clovis and Oakhurst – visiting the Oakhurst location  ( she lives at Bass Lake )

      was so much fun –  Director is Matt Sconce who is amazing –

    De Vore Models were invited to Model 50’s styles at the 2nd Annual Coarsegold

      Classic Car Show on Saturday June 20th – but that is the last day of filming on

    “Finding Hope Now ”  so next year we will be at the Car Show –

        “Hot Rod Horror” will display their car from the movie – and you will be able

     to purchase a DVD of the film – filmed in Fresno with local actors – Carollyn

       is wishing she still had her Red 57 Chevy –  she loves classic hot rods.

         Check out

      Models for a local Vehicle Dealership this week – were Alexis  from Fresno

       and Vanessa from Visalia – the girls were product models for the event –

         and posed with Cars & Motorcycles & handed out brochures. Fun and

        great pay.   De Vore Model division gets calls for Product Models & Print

          every day –

       Joe R – auditioning for “Mad Men” – what a great series – and Caleb who

        is 5 from Visalia – maybe they will star on the same show.

        We have so much more to put on the blog & will catch up soon –

          We are sending out photos of our models Male & Female age

         20’s and 30’s for a big event in June – in Fresno –

         Leanne’s new commercial for “fly fresno” is amazing – she is soooo

          pretty – Heather just shot her new Head Shots –

         We have so many local actors all ages on local commercials –


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