Rich Kreps – Valley Life Host & More

Rich Kreps – Host of Fox T.V. Valley Life – just filmed a National

Commercial for “Yellow Pages” – the scene is 2 guys playing golf –

and Rich comes into the gold scene while swimming in a pond –

  The national commercial will be released soon . thanks to

Carollyn De Vore for sending Rich on this interview. Do we get

a photo of Rich in his swim suit?

  Babies all nationalities ages 6 to 12 months who do not walk

yet – photos into Hollywood for a National Commercial for a Fast

Food Resturant.

  May and June is “Hiatus” in Hollywood – slow – but July starts

 Fall T.V. season and hundreds of Commercials filmed a week –

 get into De Vore Studios and start your career in show business.


    Alex age 12 – Fresno – Randi age 13 Visalia interviewing for a

     Modeling Assignment in Hollywood – had to make numerous

   facial expressions – on camera – do you know how to audition?

    Kourtney age 11 – Headshot – by Heather – just landed her a role

    in a Movie of the Week- and she and her mom have enjoyed filming

     in the Hollywood area on “Love Takes Wings” with Lou Diamond

     Phillips. Kourtney is from Clovis – she also modeled in our Fashion

     Show at the “tower theatre” recently.

     Casey from Clovis – in his 20’s auditioning for a new Host for a

      Sports Show – and filming “greek” this week with Aaron Hill.

     Boys  ages 8 to 10 on Nascar National Commercial – and girls

      ages 11 to 13 who can “Move” and “Dance” on Camera on

      another  “Miley Cyrus”  Hanna Montanna Commercial that films

      in Reno – wow –

      Nicki – Giana – Christian C.  who were cast in Indiana Jones..

      filmed locally – in Theatre locally this summer…and Mom

      Francina & Dorothy from De Vore Studios -sewing costumes

      for the production.

      Dusty – our Sanger Cowboy – starring on “Dude Ranch”

      National Master Card Commercial – checks keep coming in –

       wow – everytime a commercial runs- that actor gets paid –

         Check out that commercial today.

      Ashley age 5 from Tulare – audition for Barbie Commercial

        and Modeling too.

        Matthew & Eric age 12 in “Step Brothers” Film to be released

       this week – with De Vore studios since the age of 4.

      Kids & Teens – auditioning for the popular series “Dexter”

         matching them up to the adult actors. Cody from Fresno age 9

      and Thomas age 8 from Hanford and Alyssa age 11 from Clovis.


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