Poverello House – Julio Lopez

    Julio Lopez – from De Vore Studios ( Actor-VJ-Referee

     for the No Town Roller Girls) – donated last Saturday

       at the Poverello House with the Roller Girls –

    making and serving food for our Homeless in Fresno-

       Join De Vore Studios at 6pm at the “No Town”

     Roller Girls event at 6 pm this Saturday at the Fresno

       Fairgrounds – after Julio worked at the Poverello

     House – he rushed to De Vore Studios to help with

      Casting the movie “Finding Hope Now ” – did we

      mention Julio is an amazing actor – acting coach –

       Co- Starred in the “Cesar Chavez Story” and  “Hot

       Rod Horror”  and interviewed for “Nip Tuck” last

         week. Julio heads up the Hispanic Division at

        De Vore Talent  –  Linda Hernandez from Madera

          is also a casting assistant on “Finding Hope Now”

          and appeared in the “Cesar Chavez” story – filmed

        in the Central Valley – cast by Carollyn De Vore –

         the film is in every school across the United States

         and on the History Channel – featuring actors all

         ages from the Central Valley .

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