Paying to Be in a Film or Video – Are You Kidding ?????

                        Our office phone and E. mail has been ringing

                     “off the hook”  all ages being invited to be in Films-

                        YouTube – Webisodes –  etc – but you have to pay

                        a fee to be in these films – usually shot in one or

                        two days –  are you kidding ??????

                          Carollyn has been an actress since the age of 11-

                       and has paid for workshops & showcases for years  to learn how to

                         audition & studied with Hollywood’s great coaches. Actors &

                           Models pay for Headshots & Modeling Photos –

                             Why would you pay to be in a film?

                          there are numerous auditions here in the Central Valley

                         audition to land a role in the Central Valley or Hollywood

                         – don’t pay to be in a film – what are you thinking.

                          You do not pay to get an Hollywood Agent – you audition

                            for them.


                        The Central Valley has become so High Profile

                        with Filming – Minors – age 2 weeks old until you

                        are 18 – must have an Entertainment work permit

                        It’s a State Law folks. The Production companies

                            can be fined – shut down – and you as a parent

                           can be in Lots of Trouble –  Lots of our Minors

                          Work in Hollywood – and those are the moms

                             and dads calling our office. Outraged.

                            Films – Commercials – Videos – Print ( Modeling)

                               Student Films – Short Films – minors have to

                              have a current Entertainment Work Permit.

                           Carollyn cast all the Minors on Indiana Jones

                               locally – Click – Meteor ( NBC ) Mini Series

                                  We had a “set teacher”


                            “Finding Hope Now” this summer…Carollyn

                             was the Principal Casting Director and cast

                              about 80 percent of the background extras

                              with numerous minors – there was a Set

                              Teacher – on set every day we had minors


                              We finally have a set teacher here in the

                                Central Valley – call our office and we

                             will give you her name and number.

                                  Minors go to school on the set – even on the

                              weekend or summers – you must have a teacher

                                 on the set for all minors.

                              Make sure your Acting Worshops – Commercials-

                                Modeling – is with people who have worked in

                               the Hollywood Film Industry for years – and have

                                 credits – Carollyn was an Agent in Hollywood

                                 for 15 years and has been a Casting Director

                                   In Hollywod & the Central Valley for 16 years.

                                    Both Carollyn and Dorothy have been members

                                        of Screen Actors Guild for years –

                                 All ages in the Central Valley are invited to send

                                   a Headshot and resume – or snapshot and resume

                                  for our Casting Division – and if you really want to

                                   know how Show Business works – we have free

                                   Seminars for all ages – 

                                   De Vore Talent & Casting “Your Hollywood Connection”

                                   Film Makers have to have film permits to film –

                                     Minors have to have Entertainment Work Permits –

                                   Production Companies – etc -have to have a permit

                                        to have minors on a set.

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