Nip & Tuck – “E.R” What a week

   Teen Hispanic Actress Alexa G. age 14 – filming E.R. at Warner Brothers –

     We cannot wait to find out if she filmed with George Clooney – her first

      job with De Vore Talent –  Alexa and other Teen Hispanic Actors will

       read for leads in the film “Finding Hope Now” to film in Fresno this June.

    Kellogs National Commercial – wow – what a way to start your college fund-

     Kids and Teens who can play tennis or softball – Sierra from Fresno – softball-

     Amber from Madera – Tennis – and Amber had a call back – thanks to Carollyn

     De Vore’s Hollywood Showcase – both girls landed Hollywood Agents – and

      Carollyn manages their careers.

      Rhonda K – Visalia – mom of 11 year old Makela – is on the set of “Nip & Tuck”

       filming at Paramount Studios in Hollywood –  both Mother and Daughter filmed

       “Meteor”  Movie of the week – that should debut in April on Lifetime or Hallmark

       filmed in Taft, Ca this past fall – thanks Carollyn  – wow you have the Hollywood


        Discovery Channel – filming at Lemoore Naval Air Base – “The Real NCIS”

        called De Vore Studios for their male models and actors age 18 to 35 for

           roles – we sent out your head shots and resumes – the crew flew into

          Fresno/Yosemite airport from New York.

             De Vore Studios has had their Studio right next to the Fresno/Yosemite

           Airport for the past 14 years –

           Toddlers & Chidlren to age 7 on Wallmark Easter National Commercial

            Interviews – Tristin from Tulare – had fun on her interview.

          Hanna age 4 on set with “Faith Hill”  filming in Malibu – for a new perfume –

            Hanna was at our Hollywood Agents Day in December – and landed a

           Hollywood Agent – and had Heather take her head shots the same day.

            Burklee W – Yosemite High Grad – interview for a National Denny’s


            Darrian S. age 9 from Dinuba – auditioning for a Film – starring role –

              Carollyn is an awsome manager – she will get your child in the door –


             Alyssa age 12 – you have seen her on “Heroes” and “Weeds” with De Vore

                Models for two years – interviewing in Hollywood for a new clothing


             Payton age 8 ? from Hanford – Modeling for Old Navy – and you will see

               Payton in all the Old Navy Stores – he is the cute boy with long hair –

                 and Teen Brother “Zach” filming a Pilot for a new series –

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