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                    Carollyn – famous for being a Hollywood Talent Agent –

                   now Casting Director –  does not have time to be on

                     Facebook or “Twitter”  it’s been over a year since she

                    has had time to look at My Space – we will try to get to that

                       soon. Fall Television season has started – and Carollyn is

                    usually in Hollywood 3 to 4 days a week – and will start

                       casting the movie “Robo Teen” this fall – so Carollyn is

                     not ignoring anyone – creating sucessful careers for you.

                         Carollyn’s husband – Hollywood Location Scout John West

                      back in L.A. this week – filming a promo with a huge Hollywood

                        Star for a new fall t.v. show – we will let you know the star’s

                         name – once they are “wrapped”

                  Over age 50 Actors  –  Nancy S. from Visalia – call back on a National

                     Commercial – if she lands the role – she will fly to Dallas to film.

                         “There’s no business like Show Business”   Terry auditioning

                       for a National Commercial & staying on his sailboat in Marina

                    Del Rey before returning to the Central Valley.

                    Jordan age 18 from Clovis – attended our Hollywood Showcase in

                       June and landed one of Hollywood’s most famous Modeling and

                     Talent Agents – Carollyn will manage his career – Jordan plays

                       Water Polo and a very Athletic Teen – wow – did you see his

                     Modeling Photos Heather took – amazing –

                     Ken – finishing his role as “The Beast” in Beauty & The Beast” in

                      Clovis.  Carollyn and Dorothy attending “Alice in Wonderland”

                        CMT last weekend – Giana age 8 who stars in “Finding Hope Now”

                      and her brother Christian – in the Production. What a great program

                        for kids and teens – we enjoy it every year.

                      Highschool Musical at CMT will also star some of our Young

                          People from De Vore Studios.

                      Caleb age 8 – filmimg “Criminal Minds”  Caleb is from Visalia.

                         Kids all ages on Wal-Mart National Commercial.

                      Alyssa B. age 12 from Clovis – auditioning in L.A. for a lead in

                         a Television Movie – you have seen Alyssa in “Heroes” and

                      “Weeds” and she models too –  Alyssa has a co-starring role

                          in “Stricken” filmed locally.

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