MUD TACOS – Children’s book


                   Carollyn’s daughter – Actress  Heather H.

                    grew up with Mario Lopez – and we want

                    all of you to know “Mud Tacos” by Mario

                     and his sister Marissa – is a perfect Christmas

                    Book and is published in Spanish and English –

                     We will have a copy for you to see at the

                      Studio –

                      We are so busy casting since Thanksgiving

                        we hope to update our blog this Monday.


                      Check your E. mails and cell  –

                       Hollywood is “rockin” with lots of intervews.


                       Lilly age 3 from Visalia – just filmed her

                        first T.V. series – on Parenthood.

                          Lilly just celebrated her 3rd Birthday.

                          You will see Lily in “Finding Hope Now”

                         in 2010 in the arms of Stephanie Verdugo

                          who plays her Mom.

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