Mini Series “Meteor on NBC”

      Watching De Vore Talent – Kids – Teens – Adults – on

           “Meteor” Sunday night on NBC was amazing – all those

        Scenes filmed in Taft, California were cast by Carollyn De Vore.

          Filmed last July – thanks for all of you for being so professional

         on the set – and driving to Taft – near Bakersfield – we will watch

            for you again this Sunday July 19th on NBC at 9PM

           Dylan S. age 16 from Sunnyside Highschool in Fresno –

             auditioning for a new Video for “Black Eyed Peas”

           “Fergie” was on “Kids Incorporated” and Carollyn had

              Devyn Puett on “Kids Incorporated” and her brother

                Tommy Puett on “Life Goes On” and remember

             Mario Lopez was on “Kids Incorporated” years ago.

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