“Meteor” Mini Series July 12 NBC

                   Carollyn De Vore cast local Actors ( filmed in Kern

                     County- the city of Taft ) last fall – 15 of our young

                     actors ages 9 to 13 – you will see them in the

                     Scarey Bus Scene – and around 30 adults in numerous

                      scenes – including “going to the movie” will be released

                     by NBC on Sunday July 12th –


The trailer for the Mini Series can also be seen on YouTube-

                     Can anyone make us a copy of the YouTube trailer ?

                        How exciting – and thanks to all of you for driving

                      down to Bakersfield area to film – car pooling – etc.

                           Have a great summer.

                      Actor/Musician  Josh Miller in Bakersfield – helped

                       us cast more actors for the project – thanks to Josh.

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