March 20, 2008 Casting Calls March 1st to 20th

Two & A Half Men – Pretty College Girls- inteviewing for a Warner Brothers

 Alexandra G. from Madera who attends Fresno City College. Alexandra is

one of our Actors that stars in “Hot Rod Horror”  – meet us at the

  Southern Yosemite Film Festival on Saturday March 29th to see the

   Film debut – we are so excited about this film –

Ethnic Kids & Teens on Kentucky Fried Chicken – National Commercial.

Girls 3 to 7  Hispanic – European – Mediteranean Looking for Modeling

 Catalog assignment – will pay $ 750 –

Babies interviewing for “baby gap” wow –  Troy age 1 from Clovis and

 Parker age 1 from Morro Bay. Parents called and said they were so

glad they attended De Vore Talent  Baby & Toddler workshop and

attend our Hollywood Agents Day – they knew how to interview their

baby – this is for the fall “Baby Gap” catalogs – wow – wow – wow –

Teens auditioning Easter Week – for an exciting Modeling Assignment –

Will shoot in San Francisco –  Alyssa from Mariposa – Ryan from

 Fresno – Amber from Madera was in “Paris” with her mom and had

to miss the inteview and Rebecca in Mexico Easter Week on a Church

Mission missed it too. Sometimes you will miss an inteview – so don’t

worry – there will be many more. Casting Directors wanted Alyssa’s

  Mom to interview too – but she just had knee surgery – lots of our

 incredible parents get cast with their own children.

Kids and Teens – as Summer approaches  get out the Sun Block –

  We are starting to audition in June for Fall Commercials – you

adults too.

  Brett P. from Clovis – filming “Fast and Furious 4 ”  and Bedtime Stories

    with Adam Sandler – Brett G. also on Bedtime Stories.

Haylee age 6 from Visalia auditioning for the Lead in “Bedtime Stories”

   Kevin H. from Coarsegold – auditioning for a Re-curring role on

     “The Suite Life”  – Kevin was in “Click” when they filmed locally.

“The Big Bang Theory”  auditioning for a guest starring role: Hogan L.

   Age 13  from Fresno – and Jack Y. from Fresno who attends Long

   Beach State – Our Cute Asian Actors – Hogan was in “Click” that

   Carollyn De Vore cast our Local Actors in.

Mc Donalds Industial – Prom Night Teens & Limo Driver age 45 to 65.


  Coors Light –  Character Look – age 40 to 70 – Nancy from Coarsegold

   and Gordon from Modesto on this one. Did you know if you land a

   National  Commercial – you get paid everytime is shows on T.V.

Jennifer Tadlock – Director & Producer (Jennifer taught a workshop

 last spring at De Vore Talent )- Director Matt Sconce – and Mike Aro-

  guested on FOX and NBC in Fresno – talking about their plans for

Hyper Active Studios – check out their inteviews on the web. Carollyn

 has had the honor of  Casting all the actors on Director Matt Sconce

  films – and they have 10 film projects coming up;

      De Vore  Talent will have Mike Aro teach a Voice Over Workshop

  at De Vore Studios for all ages this summer…(Mike I hope we spelled

  your name correctly- I cannot read Carollyn’s scribbles.)

   New T.V. Show – Hosts – Visalia based production company…Adults

     inteviewing Casey – Deborah G. – Mark – Melissa – Nancy – this will be a National T.V. series


    Cowboy – Dusty P. from Sanger ( Dusty is in the ATV ads for Honda

     on the newstands – April Issues  ) Interviewing for a Cowboy that

     does not mind “Falling off his Horse” for a National Credit Card

     Commercial. New Client  Scott S. from Visalia – also on this interview.

       Scott called and told us his first interview was great – Casting Directors

     were so nice – interview are so much fun – a positive experience –

     They saw young cowboys on this 20 to 30  and then over 40  –

      Dusty and Scott..

        Jerry S. from Clovis stopped by the studio and told us he had so

       much fun  filming a short film “The Fitting” he had auditioned for last fall at

       De Vore studios.  Filming at a Local K-Mart were  Jerry – Vart-

        Mark & others. Short films are great experience & look good

        on your resume – This is how they sell films now – presenting

        a movie short to Studios & Investors – Producers – Directors.


        Little girls age 5 to 8 “Blackberry” National Commercial.

         Kylie age 5 from Clovis –  Ashley age 5 from Tulare

         Boys age 6 to 11 on “Gap” Modeling “Pint Inteview”  Cody from

          Fresno – and Chris from Clovis… Carollyn suggested the Kids

          wear “Gap” clothing on the interview. Thanks as always to our

          great parents for taking their children on these great interviews.

         Special thanks to Carollyn De Vore for managing your careers

         in Hollywood and Locally – she is amazing – and always so helpful

         and patient with her clients. De Vore staff – are professional and so

         much fun.

         Julio’s photo out on a new “Bernie Mac” series. You see Julio

          on local EECU commercials.  “I work hard for my money” is

          the line he says –


        “Tweens” recognizing Alexandra H. age 12 from Fresno at

          Fashion Fair Mall – Alexandra stars in “Kidz Bop 13” she’s

           the pretty blonde with long hair.

         Eric and Matthew almost 12 – have been with De Vore Talent

        since they were 4 ( yes ,they are  Twins ) have been in dozens

        of Movies and Television Shows – filming a movie – this week- we have to

        keep the title confidential – and they get to play “Dead People”

         They are so excited – Carollyn shared with them – when her

         daughter was about their age she was on “Hart to Hart” and

         got to be in a “pretend” car accident – and she got to have

          “Movie Blood” put all over her  and then decided to keep it

          on and show all the neighbors when she got home from filming.


          Drill Bit Taylor – Starring Owen Wilson  comes out next week

           and Austin F. age 13 from Visalia got to work on this incredible


         College Road Trip – one of our young kids age 10 from Visalia

          got to audition for “College Road Trip” to play Martin Lawrence’s


          Easter Blessings to all –  De Vore studios and talent 2008

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