Madera Teen Auditions in Utah – TV Series

                       Madera Teen Cody T.  career is managed by Carollyn.

                          Cody  moved with his family to Utah. Carollyn placed

                         Cody with an agent in Utah- and he auditioned for a new

                         T.V. series ( for Hollywood) this week – Carollyn

                         will see Cody and his family when she attends

                          “Sundance Film Festival ” this year.

                                      ” Reels”  the  “Reel Story “

                       Our Advice – do not get a “Reel” until you have an

                           Agent – agencies get thousands of photos a week and

                               now “reels” and just do not have time to look at

                              them.  If an up-coming star has a “reel” sometimes

                               casting will view the reel. Your agent will advise

                               you when to get one – what they want to see on

                                it.  So save your $$$   for good headshots and

                                 workshops  taught by Hollywood  Coaches that

                                have workshops here in the Fresno area.

                                   Teen Female Swimmers

                       National Commercial – Teen Girls who are fantastic

                               swimmers – will film underwater – Three Day

                               Modeling Assignment –  Katy B. Visalia out on

                               this commercial. $$$$$$$$  – your sport or hobby

                                 may land you a Modeling Assignment or National


                               Public Service Announcement

                               Carollyn stopped by the set in “Fig Garden” area this

                                  week. The PSA commercial will feature  Ben D. from

                                North Fork- famous American Indian Actor discovered

                                 by Carollyn De Vore – his first assignment was Dr. Quinn

                                 Medicine Woman –  Beautiful Gladys M. – a new discovery

                                  of De Vore Talent –


                                 Checks – Table Mountain Casino

                                             John in our bookkeeping Department – just

                                          advised us – checks for the 20 plus actors that

                                           recently worked on Table Mountain Casino as

                                           Background Talent – can pick up their checks

                                           this Sunday October 25th  from 4 to 6PM  at

                                           De Vore Studios – Fresno Location. 

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