June 4, 2007

4 June 07  

May & June in Hollywood is on “Hiatus” and that is what Carollyn’s family call their ranch “Hiatus Ranch”.   Episodic T.V. is taking a break till late July, vacation time and July and August start all those Christmas Commercials so get out your sunblock, you cannot be too tan on Christmas Commercials.

It’s still really busy, lots of feature auditions going on and Commercials too. Carollyn advised a few adults last week to get passports so they are available to shoot all over the world and remember to put that on your resume.

The past two weeks a few highlights: we are going to try to update our blog every two weeks.

Nissan – Teen boys….Thomas from Visalia and Nathan from Clovis interviewing. The director commented how much he liked their headshots. Thanks to Heather for her fantastic photography, her photos “rock” and get you those interviews you want.

Kellogs….Chad…Joe…..guys who look like they could work in Construction. Cereal Commercials run all the time, wow those residuals. Do you know everytime a commercial runs on T.V. that actor or model gets paid? WOW.

State Farm…..Chad got a call for this and John, looking like real guys who might work on a farm, so get out those jeans and denim shirt for this interview.


Bratz Dolls  – Pre Teens and Teen girls….Heather W., Alexandra H., and

Randi, had so much fun on the interview. The girls had to dance and move like a “Rock Star” on the interview to music and one of our girls got a call-back. Thanks to “Anthonie” at De Vore Studios for showing the girls how to audition for Modeling and Dance moves on interviews. De Vore Talent is great.

Nissan  – Teen Boys…Hispanic…who could say one line in Spanish on this interview.


Mentos – a Family Commercial Theme…so kids, teens and adults interviewed on this one. McKenzie and her brother Chase interviewed. They had to pop a mento in their mouth, smile on camera and this Commercial for Japan will also use the actors and models for a huge modeling campaign. After their interview the kids went to the Santa Monica Pier ( Carollyn’s great suggestion ) and saw a Mercury Car Commercial being filmed. “Welcome to LA” it’s so much fun.

Brett…age 22….from Clovis, filming a movie with Alyssa Milano and worked a day on “Greek”. ABC Family Series to debut in July our series regular, Aaron was not filming that day and missed Brett. Our two guys from Clovis are doing great and isn’t Kevin Federline from Clovis too? 

Joe R.  Fresno State….Theatre Arts Major.  Everytime we are with Joe everyone wants to know if he is on the “Sopranos” and can they have his autograph. If Joe lived in N.Y. he would star in that series.  On a call back for ReBok Joe lives in L.A. now what a talent.

Bryan…age 5 from Tulare….on NBC  “Passions” and he filmed for 4 days. From Kindergarden to 12th grade kids go to school on the set when they film. Bryan told his mom he wants to go back and work again it was so much fun.

Adults and Kids….filming “Big Love”….an HBO series.

Alyssa age 10…..in “Knocked Up” released this week with Grey’s Anatomy Star Catherine Higel. She filmed in Brentwood and loved being on the set and Alyssa, I think you are one of the kids playing in the backyard scene in the Trailer for the movie.  Alyssa also interviewing for “Bratz Dolls” and working with “Dwayne” locally on her dance audition techniques.

Our Little Girl Stars…ages 4 to 7….auditioning for Baby Annabelle. Taylor age 7 from Visalia.

Dancers….all ages…auditioning for the Christmas Rockette Show.

Julio Lopez…..filming a local commercial for a Linen Company. You also see Julio on EECU local commercial with our other adults. Julio will be filming in Spanish and English. Yes, everyone thinks he looks like “Jack Black” and he is as talented.

Brett …interviewing for the “Hunk” on Kelly Clarkson and Reba McEntyre’s new Video. Brett started with De Vore Talent about a year ago. Carollyn helped him land a top L.A. Modeling Agency and his career is taking off.

Speaking of “Hunks”, Male Models interviewing for a huge Modeling Promotion at Fashion Fair Mall. We need more male and female models, we are getting so many calls for Product and Promotional Modeling, good pay and lots of fun.

Alexandra G.  from Madera….Modeling for Mc Donalds for the 2008 Olympic Campaign and starring in Hot Rod Horror, filming locally that will wrap filming in the next two weeks. She just graduated from Madera High School and is off to the Bahamas for a week and returning for a Feature Film interview in Hollywood.

These are some of the highlights from the last two weeks here in the DeVore Talent Office…wow….and Carollyn thought she was busy as a Hollywood Agent..

* Carollyn has a great time on the set of “Jericho” last month and had clients work on the series check “Jericho” out on your computer and write in to save the show.

We are going to try to update our Blog every two weeks remember Carollyn usually looks at myspace about every 6 weeks, she is so busy,  be patient please.

Enjoy your summer and call today for your interview at De Vore Talent and check out our website   devoretalent.com

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