June 8, 2008

Fashion Show Tickets on Sale at the Tower Theatre   “Dance Empowerment” and De Vore Models – all

 ages – will present two shows on Saturday June 28-

  Get your tickets today – and call De Vore Studios

    to sign up for Modeling Camp Friday June 27th.


   Summer has arrived – but interviews locally and

  In Hollywood are happening. You must check your

  E. Mails all the time and your cell phone – we had

   a child miss an interview today for a Modeling Job

   for a National Soft Drink that pays $ 2,000 – and

   2 of our “Hunks” an interview today for a Beer National

   Commercial that pays $ 4,000 and shoots in Mexico…

     We called and called and E. mailed and no response.

        We want you to be a “Star” but you have to check

    your e. mails and cell phones – 2 teens missed a interview

    on a National Yogurt Commercial yesterday – if you are

    going on Vacation this summer – make sure we know

      the dates.

     Alyssa age 11 had a call back on Miley Cirus new commercial

     for a Nation Wide Clothing Store – proud of you Alyssa.

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