July 4, 2008

  De Vore Models all ages “rocked” the “Tower Theatre”

with Summer & Red-White & Blue Fashions

Saturday with “Dance Empowerment” – wow- Fox T.V.

covered the event and Nikki J .. age 13 sang – what a

voice – a “High School Musical” film is in her future.

Numerous Moms modeled with their daughters – the

music and lighting was exciting.

  Willy & Terri to Save Mart Center to see “American Idol” tour

Many of you have called the studio about Rick

  Springfields appearance at Chuckansai Casino- yes

Carollyn’s daughter is in the movie “Hard to Hold”

with Rick – and did you see Heather on “Iron Eagle”

  this week . She is also in Gremlins II and plays

Corey Feldmans girlfriend in “The Burbs” and more.

   Join Carollyn De Vore and friends at the Chuckansai

Casino in Saturday July 5th at 8 PM “Falls Room” to

hear “Faye Reis” sing – she’s amazing.


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