John Kelly – Cinematographer – “That’s a Wrap”

                We regret telling you actors and models from De Vore Studios

                   that we lost our Local Cinematographer – John Kelly –
Carollyn who cast the film “Love” filmed in Chowchilla and

                  the Fresno area – remembers countless hours – being on the

                 set with John – what a great man. John  calling our office for casting

                 sessions for all ages for local films – Commercials & more –

                   Julio Lopez from De Vore Studios – worked on sets with John –

                      a great mentor for those interested in Film Production.

                   One of our favorite photos is of John Kelly  is with Kevin Howell age 12

                 a couple of years ago – for a Commercial for Fresno State Bulldogs

                 Football Team – John will always be remembered at De Vore

                   Studios – our blessings to his family and friends.

                       “Thanks for the Memories”

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