January 9, 2008 First week update

     Babies – if your baby is with De Vore Talent – and age 6 months to

  12 months – and have a current work permit in our office – their

   photo went out to an Electronic Commercial that will pay $ 3,500…

     Remember we cannot send out a photo unless your child’s work

  permit is up to date.

   Dusty – from Clovis – Cowboy – who runs a ranch – and trains horses –

    Just booked a ATV National Advertisment – Dusty and his wife have

    three sons – wait till Dusty see’s how great they treat you on a set.

      Rugged “real” cowboys is what the ad agency was looking for –

      thanks Carollyn for the great interview.What a way to start the year.

     WOW WOW WOW WOW – Alexandra H. age 11 from Fresno – brought

     in a copy of her KidzBop13 for us to see – and it’s an amazing commercial

      that is running a lot on Nickelodeon – she got to keep all the cute outfits

      she filmed in – got paid – and put that 15% in her College Fund..A state

      Law for Minors.

      Rebecca almost 15 from Tulare – landed the “Six Flags Magic Mountain

      Commercial – she is the cute girl at the “water fountian” this commercial

      that will start running any day was filmed at a high school in L.A.

          Rebecca landed a Commercial for a Texas Mall during the Holidays.

       We are sooooo proud of Rebecca – she has landed 2 jobs out of five

        interviews and she just started with De Vore Talent & Models.

        Babies on Fisher Price Commercial & Print  ( Modeling ) 7 month

        old Ashlyn got the interview & her big sister “Kylie” who is age 5

        and started her career with De Vore at age 9 months.

        Brett P.  age 22 ? 23 ? he just had a birthday – from Clovis….filming

       the Movie “17” with Zac  Efron  star of  “Highschool” Musical. Brett

       told us Zac is so great to work with – so down to earth – friendly to

       everyone…. You have also seen Brett on Desperate Housewives –

       Scrubs – Greek – on a Commercial with Rachael Ray & more.

       Austin age 13 from Visalia – on the “Trailer” for the movie

       “Drillbit Taylor” with Owen Wilson to be released soon. Austin

        and Evan C. age 12 from Visalia – interviewing for a National

        Store Commercial – looking 70’s – get out those tye dyed shirts

        for this interview – commercial will pay around $ 5,000 and

        shoot for one day – kids selected will go to school on the set.

        Ranchers – Cowboys –  interviewing – ages 20 to 60 for a Super

        Bowl National Commercial for Pepsi – yes – you will have to

        ride a horse – so many adults are in “Show Biz” part time – it’s

        so much fun & great extra money during the year. You can

        make thousands of  $$$  on National Commercials…..

           Ed B.  who was on “Deadwood” and Dusty from Clovis both

       had this interview.

       Kids all ages out on Sugar Free Kool Aid Commercial & also kids

       who can skateboard – your sport just may land you a National


       Our Cleints have the “Best of Both Worlds” filming and modeling

       here in the Central Valley and Hollywood.

       Peter S. from Lemoore – started his career with De Vore Talent when

       he was 16 – landing a role as the Surfer – in “Saved by  the Bell”  visited

       during the Holidays – and recently was on “One Life to Live” in New

        York & appearing in starring roles on Broadway….what a talent.

       Models photos out today on a deoderant National Commercial –

         that will pay around $ 10,000  – so if we have your photos girls..

        they went out today…age range  18 to 32 – Need a Modeling

        Portfolio – call us – we have a Hollywood Photographer come to

        Fresno once a month – for your headshots and Modeling Photos.

        Anthonie – our Modeling Coach will teach again the 3rd weekend

        of February – everyone loves Anthonie – he is on an interview today

        for a Pizza National Commercial – to play a young latin dad…

         and we have Moms and Kids on this too….It will be done in English

         and   Spanish…

         We need kids ages 8 to13 this week for a National Commercial and

          Modeling Assignment who can ride a Scooter –

         Carollyn is on a Super Bowl Commercial shoot this week with

         clients – she was invited to the Golden Globes -and has attended

         for years – but she is a Screen Actors Guild Member as an actress..

         so she cannot cross that Picket Line for our  Hollywood Writers

         Strike – and now we heard – it’s cancelled – as was Peoples Choice –

          so maybe the strike will be over before the “Academy Awards”

         Watch Rich Kreps every morning on FOX  T.V.  Rich is the host

          of Valley Life and started his career with De Vore Talent – this

          show is a great way to advertise your business.

          Carollyn & Dwayne Hurley in meetings…Dwayne owns

          Dance Empowerment in Fresno – is the most famous Dance

          Coach – yes – he taught  Kevin Federline – from Clovis – to

          dance – you see him on E. all the time on all the specials about

          Brittney and Kevin – 

          what are they planning for the kids in

          the Central Valley – we’ll let you know soon….

          Just a few highlights from De Vore Studios this first week of

          the new year!

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