January 24, 2008 Diaper Commercial

 Carollyn always tells parents of our Babies & Toddlers – Jan – Feb-

  March – they film so many diaper  commercials. We are overnighting

  photos of your child registered with us – with current work permits

  that are 9 months to 16 months old – ethnic children – for a National

  Commercial for Diapers – We called Alejandro M. parents and the phone

  number is changed – we are hoping to get Samantha C.  age 13 months

  on the interview from Fresno. Parents make sure you update your

  baby and toddler’s photos with us every four months…and send us

  2 copies of  their new work permit. Start your childs college savings

  when they book that Commercial – Modeling or Movie Role.

    Deep Rai – age 18 from India – who lives in Fresno – thanks to

    Aaron Hill for sending over this incredible future Model & Actor –

    auditioning for a role in a movie – and Deep just started with

    De Vore Studios – wow –

    Burklee W. who graduated from Yosemite High last year….on a

    call back for a National Commercial – Burklee was discovered in

    a High School Play by Carollyn – Burklee is attending College in

     the L.A. area and going on interviews.

     Seminars and workshops will be held on Super Bowl Sunday

     Feb 3rd – but the studio will close at 5:30 so all of our staff can

     go to Super Bowl Activites.. We have Actors & Models from

     De Vore Studios on Super Bowl Commercials.

     Hunter H. age 10 from Hanford….and Dusty ( Rancher & Cowboy)

     from Clovis on Call Backs for a NFL  Super Bowl Commercial.

     Aaron Hill just returning from Sundance Film Festival with the

     cast from “Greek”   ABC…Hope all of you saw the Pilot for

     “Breaking Bad”  on AMC….Aaron played the “Bully” in the store.

          Aaron just finished filming the movie  “Foreign Exchange”

      and will teach a “Tween and Teen” workshop ( How to Audition)

      on Saturday Feb 16th – wow – did you see Aaron on “Hanna Montanna”

      playing a Football Player –  You will love Aarons workshop…and yes..

      you can bring a camera and get his autograph –

       We are getting calls about Carollyn’s birthday – it is January 31st-

      and as all of you know – every year she is 29….amazing…. 

       We heard Alyssa age 11 and Kristin & Hailey who just returned from

       New Zeland – are at Disneyland this weekend. Alyssa is usually on

       the set of “Heroes” but we have a “Writers Strike” and she cannot

       go back to work until that is settled.

       Carollyn home from Hollywood for a few days and snowed in at

       her “Hiatus Ranch” near Bass Lake – she spends 2 or 3 days a

       week in Hollywood and then back to her Fresno Studio & Ranch.

        The Best of  Both Worlds “


        Director – Matt Sconce – filming with a lot of our Actors  for a

        Movie Trailer for “Deep Pool”  sounds like everyone had fun

        filming last weekend. Matt already has the Poster ready for the

        movie – and Matt’s wife – Heather – going to have a baby girl

        next month – their first child – blessings.

          Willy Ortlieb and wife Terri attended our Scene Study Workshop

       last Sunday night and showed their Movie Trailer for

          “Hot  Rod Horror ”    really looks good – and so many actors from

       De Vore Talent – You may get to see the Movie at the Southern

        Yosemite Film Festival in March in Oakhurst – last year we had

        a Fashion Show at this event..

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