Jan 28 2008 Super Bowl Week

Our Website says Carollyn will see “New Faces” this Sunday – but she will see

you on SATURDAY   Feb 2nd – not Sunday – Ages 3 to 93 so call the studio

and make your reservation – before you waste time and money at Model

Searches – Chain Modeling Schools – come into De Vore Studios for a Free

Seminar – You will love Carollyn and her staff –

 Did you see  Anthonie  who heads up our Modeling Dept and Nikki who is

our Official Makeup Artist & Stylist from Visalia at the Red Carpet at the

Screen Actors Guild last night – wow – Brett from Clovis and Anton via

“Russia” who lives in Fresno also attended.

   You can see Kidzbop 13 video on their website – the pretty blonde is

11 year old Alexandra – wow – we are so proud of you.

   Watch a few of our Models/Actors on Super Bowl Commercials this

Sunday.  John M. from Madera – US Marines – who just returned from

the Middle East just called Carollyn – we are so glad he is home safely –

  Carollyn still has his photo in the studio – your always welcome back –

   Babies interviewing for Pampers who had a current work permit.

Matt Sconce on FOX news talking about his up-coming films. – Carollyn

 cast all of Matt’s movies – wow –

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