High School Musicial 3 – Premier

Carollyn De Vore is attending the Premier of High School Musical 3 with Hollywood Publicist Ron S. and a new star of Beverly Hills 90210. Carollyn as a Hollywood Agent for years & Ron have attended the Academy Awards – Emmy Awards – you name the Red Carpet Event the last 30 years – and they attend. Work hard on your career and we may see you on the Red Carpet someday. Baby Boys age 6 months to 24 months – out on a Huge Clothing Store Modeling Interview – this one pays $ 150 an hour with a two hour guarantee. Modeling does not have a Union like Film and Television – we had Teen Models interview two weeks ago for a Soft Drink Commercial – and that fee was $ 2,000 for who ever landed it. Andrew A. from Fresno age 15 – had a Modeling interview in Hollywood yesterday – if he lands it – $ 3,000 – Andrew is an up and coming new film maker – Scott S. from Visalia – late 40’s auditioning this week for a Host on one of the Popular TV Cable Shows that sell us all the fun items – Scott e. mailed our office and said Carollyn’s middle name should be “Awesome” – she does really work hard for all her clients.. 24 hours a day – Tom Varley – Musician & Actor – playing Friday Night at a restaurant in Topanga – this popular Musician Actor – is amazing – As a Teen he was the “surfer” on “Saved by the Bell” and he was a real surfer on “Point Break” and got to fly to Hawaii to film….Tom was a part of the Portland, Oregon Music Scene for years – and now back in Southern California – with his sailboat – he has sailed around the world – and back on the LA Music Scene – Tom’s performance is around 8pm – give us a call at the office or e. mail and we will give you the location. Model Camp – will be December 20 & 21st in Hollywood – Modeling Training for all ages and sizes – plus sizes too – we are in the planning stages – you can enjoy “The Grove” in Los Angeles – finish Christmas Shopping with the Stars – we always see Tom Hanks – Will Smith – Brittany & more shopping there – and Star in our Holiday Fashion Show – A Top LA Model will teach “Ramp” and you will all love her – we are so blessed to have our Hollywood Connections

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