Happy Thanksgiving 09

               Happy Thanksgiving Blessings to all this Thanksgiving –

                Carollyn is finding toys to drop off in “Toys for Tots”

               If you bring a unwrapped toy to the studio- we will

                make sure it’s delivered.

              Women 43 to 70 – Macil from Hanford – interviewing in

                Hollywood for a new medication for Cholesterol – this

               is a National Commercial Spot.


                              REAL COWBOYS & RANCH HANDS

               Cowboy Season again – real ranch hand cowboys interviewing

                  for A Cell Phone Commercial and Credit Card Commercial –

                Dusty from Sanger – who stars on Master Card National

                  Commercial and Ed B. who was on the series “Deadwood”

                   – we are hoping they both get cast together on these

                    National Commercials – maybe they are Super Bowl

                    Commercials –

                                    UNTITLED FEATURE FILM

                     Cherie from Chowchilla age 19 – driving into Hollywood

                         for this interview.  If Cherie lands the role – she will

                       fly to Boston to film. 

                                       HYUNDAI – Car Commercial

                           Teen – Lindsay – from Sanger – auditioning for

                               Hyundai – Lindsay will appear in “Finding Hope Now”

                                    in 2010.

                                         TEEN – MODEL – DYLAN

                                Teen Model – Dylan who attends Sunnyside High..

                                     Modeled for Yoga Toes brochures this summer

                                and Dylan just landed another Modeling Print –                                     for a National Bank. Start your modeling career  

                                         with  De Vore  models.

                                            ‘MEET THE LITTLE FOCKERS”

                                   Emma age 9 is filming this week “Meet the Little Fockers”

                                       Emma has been with De Vore Talent & Studios since

                                     she was a baby. Emma is from Squaw Valley.

                                           HIGH SCHOOL MUSICIAL KIDS

                                  National Commercial looking for Teens who sing

                                   and dance like H.S. Musical

                                   Teens who can Roller Skate – for a National

                                      Fast Food Commercial.

                              Maybe your hobby or one of your skills will help you

                                  land a role in a National Commercial or Movie –

                               or Modeling Assignment  – come in for your FREE

                                   Screen test and Seminar – call our office today.

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