Happy New Year – 2010

              Carollyn in LA for New Years – Did you know she

               was on a Tournament of Roses Parade Float – 12

              years in a row  Miss Glendale on the Glendale Float

                as a Teen – Miss Las Vegas & more – Three Christmases she was in Vietnam with Bob Hope as a USO Entertainer- “Thanks for the Memories”

                  We caught  Carollyn this year attending “Open Mike” night at Ventura’s  Liquid Vinyl Venue – Singer/Songwriter Tom Varley – Carollyn’s nephew playing tunes – Tom was on “Saved by the Bell” and played the Surfer and filmed “Point Break” with Patrick Swayze

Tom – a famous musician from the Portland, Oregon

                     scene returns to Southern California –

                            ‘ON THE SET’

              “Bliss Boutique” in Clovis – advertises at the Sierra Vista Mall Movie Theatre – Brenton B. age 19 is the cute

male model in those Commercials – just discovered by

                    De Vore Talent. Wait till you see this on the Big Screen

                   Mikelia age 14 who attends Bullard High School

                     filming “The Middle” at Warner Brothers in

                     Burbank – watch for her dancing in the slow

                   dance scene. Mikelia just came from Hawaii to

                      Fresno to live but spent Christmas in Hawaii –

                     “How I met Your Mother”  –  Cedric S. who attends FSU filming a classroom scene at 20th Century

                      Fox Studios in L.A.  Cedric landed a role on NCIS this past year –

                      Jordan M. age 18  Model/Actor just auditioned for a lead role in “Days of our Lives” – auditioning

                       for a Modeling Assignment in LA this week –

                          Jordan attends Buchannan  High School.

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