Happy Labor Day – Fox TV Host – Rich Kreps

               Rich – Host of Valley Life – was one of the Hosts

                 on the Jerry Lewis M.S. Telethon this weekend.

               Rich – discovered by Carollyn De Vore – has

                 appeared in dozens of movies & T.V. shows

               including  24 – NCIS – and “Meteor” T.V. series

                 which Carollyn cast the local actors for NBC.

                Dave B- from Visalia – who lives

                  in Hollywood now – Actor – Fireman – has

                been a Hot Shot Firefighter on the “Station”

                 fire –  in Southern California. just checked in with us –

                     We are glad he is OK.  We discovered

                 Dave 15 years ago when we started De Vore

                  Talent in the Central Valley – When not

                  fighting Fires – Dave is an Actor and recently

                   interviewed for National Commercials for

                  Starbucks and Vicks –  What a great guy –

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