Gatorade Commercial April 08

 Thanks to our Actors & Models 18 to 80 who filmed

the National Gatorade Commercial last week at

Chuckansi Park “Grizzly Stadium”  The Scene for

the Commercial is “Baseball” and numerous Actors

were selected for suppoting roles in the Commecials

players, coaches, umpires, a fantastic shoot. The

Commercial was filmed after a Grizzly’s game. Actors

were on set from 10 PM to 5 AM and the weather was

fantastic. Carollyn De Vore cast this commercial and

had 87 background actors on the set – thanks to our

clients and their friends & family. Special thanks to

Professor Thomas Ellis at   FSU Theatre dept for

helping us get enough background actors – we had

15 college students on set – a great experience for

them. Compliments on the fantastic Food they serve

on a set – how nice the crew was from L.A. – a great

time – Landing Production Assistant jobs on set from

our studio were  “Tiama” aka  Alyssa’s mom – Fresno-

Kathy G  from Madera – Alexandra’s mom  and

Logan Rapp  FSU  Film Student – Dorothy was on

set  too

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