“Fly on the Wall” Miley Cyrus (Video )

Carollyn De Vore’s husband- John West – Hollywood Location Scout and

Manager – found the locations for Miley Cyrus new Video for her song

“Fly on the Wall” filming last weekend in Los Angeles area – “Johnny”

  enjoyed working with Miley and meeting her dad “Billy Ray” and

   Miley’s grandmother too – lots of Papparzi – trying to cover the filming-

      John also worked on “Indiana Jones” filmed locally at Chandler

 Airport and Eagle field – this Hollywood family  has the “Hollywood

   Connections”  Carollyn stopped by the “Fly on the Wall” set to say

   hello – and we had Aaron Hill play a football player on “Hanna Montanna”


   Shayna from Lemoore – who was in the Navy – filming “Doritos Crash”

   Boxing Ring Scene for a Superbowl Commercial – yes it’s that time of

    the year – Actors & Models – get your career started with De Vore Talent


    Our Hispanic Division – Christian C  and Kyle M who just finished

     filming “Cesar Chavez” story – off to Hollywood with their moms to

      interview for Mc Donalds – Commercial and Modeling Advertisment.


      Teen Girls & Guys auditioning for a National Theme Park Commercial –

        we think it’s for Magic Mountian – last year Rebecca S age 15 from

       Tulare – landed this commercial and you can see it on YouTube now .


      Since the elections are over – Hollywood is really getting busy –

       Be a part of this exciting world – come into De Vore Studios for

       a Free Screen Test and Seminar –

        Hot Rod Horror is out on DVD and you can order a copy – filmed

         locally, starring Willy Ortlieb and Directed by Darrell Mapson.

         Did we mention that we recently filmed the new Video for

           Hurricane Chris and Valentine at Fresno City College –

            using many of you college age looking young actors and

           models – we will find out the name of the Video so you can

           watch for it –

            We will see Babies this Sunday  ages 2 weeks to 32 months

           old at ll:OO AM  sharp ( Sunday November 16, 23, 30 & Dec 7, 13 )

             If you have older children – you bring them in first – but if

              you have just babies or toddlers – you bring them at 11 AM

              Bring some recent photos – if you don’t have any – Carollyn

              will explain to you what we need for Babies – 


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