Finding Hope Now” Fresno Film

    Carollyn De Vore is the casting director on “Finding Hope Now”

      to start filming here the end of May thru June 20th.  Dorothy S.

     is the Associate Casting Director.

     Carollyn has ten years of “Casting Director” experience – and

       previous to Casting – was an Talent Agent in Hollywood for

       15 years – and Actress since the age of 11.

       Casting in Hollywood and Fresno on this project – we have

        brought in hundreds of local actors – all ages – on a Film we

        start Casting the Lead Roles – then Supporting Roles and

        Featured and background roles.

         Announcements have not been made on our Stars – the Director

          and Producer are still making those decisions – and we are

        still having call-backs.

        For all of you who have sent or dropped off photos to our

         De Vore Talent & Studios Office – we will keep those in our

          files – and if you “look the part” for a role or background role

          “Production” will call you.

          On Saturday April 18th – we are looking for Asian Gang Members

          who “fight” or have “Fighting” background. You must be 18 –

           to around 30 ? looking. But must be 18 to work on this project

           in the “gang” scenes. Go on the website for “Finding Hope Now”

           and submit your photo…or drop off one at De Vore Studios –

             2224 N. Fine Suite 106  Fresno, Ca 93767 ( near the Fresno

          Yosemite Airport –  if you “Look the part” we will call you for an

           interview –  include your cell phone and your e. mail for our files.

              Please include your Ht. Wt.  and DOB..

          We will be seeing background actors in May – thanks to all of

            you who have sent us photos or snapshots.

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