“Finding Hope Now Actors”

      De vore West Productions is casting three

       Films – here in Fresno in February and March.

         We need “Hard Copy”  headshots and resumes – do not

            E. Mail – send to  2224 N. Fine  Suite 106  Fresno,Ca 93727

           We do not have the headshots and resumes from when you

            auditioned for FHN so   Please – Help – send them over

             or drop off before January 31st.  Thanks for your help.

                Please include your Cell phone and E. Mail. We like to

              include all actors in the Central Valley when we are


            We will be showing your photo and resume to our Directors

               and then calling you in for these Films. Non Union and

             Union Actors.

                 “Yia”  is always in our prayers –

                 Carollyn De Vore and staff..

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