February 4, 2008

   January was so busy – Teen Boys and Girls on KFC – and Parents – we

   just saw that commercial – the Teen Boy teasing the dad about being in

   a band –  Honda – adults that could ride a Honda Motorcycle & seniors

   too –  Safeco Print ( Modeling ) Hunter & Christian had calls for this one.

   Honeyshed “I Like Turtles” commercial for kids –  Little Cezars Pizza –

   Seniors who are “Yoga” students –  Helio Commercial for Teens – for

   Japan – and Print too ( Modeling ) Lennox Print ( Modeling ) Parents

   and kids – I think this one paid $ 4,000 for one day – wow – Coors

   Light for Adults – you have to be 25 years old to film a Beer Commercial –

    Joe & Damon auditioining –  NFL Superbowl Commercial- Our Football

    looking guys on this one – and Ranchers for Pepsi Max – Super Bowl –

    Teens for Knotts Berry Farm Commercial – another huge pay day –

    Big Lots – Kids  – Cade – Hunter – Christian – Pokemon National Commercial

    Cade & Tyler.  Audi – character kids and adults – Nike – Highschool Football

    Players & more – 

    De Vore Talent has the “Best of Both Worlds” you can Model & Act here in

    the Central Valley and also have the opportunity to interview and work in

    the Hollywood Market.  Attend a Free Seminar and  Screen Test before

    you make a career decision.

     We also had babies out on  Gymboree – Modeling – Huggies & Pampers

     National Commercials – if your work permit is not up to date – we cannot

     submit your childs photo. We see Babies and Toddlers once a month.

       We will see Babies ages 1 week to 32 months on Sunday March 2nd

     at 10:30 A.M.

        Today we have photos going out for your adults for a new Web Series –

      a College Theme – with lots of roles. Photos out on famous star Video

        too.  Tween & Teen Girls auditions for “American Girl Movie”

         Carollyn’s son Ross D. is filming “Jeep” and just finished a Commercial

       with Ava Longeria – this popular show business family is amazing – 

     Seniors  Mario & his lovely wife Jeanette – from Madera – going to the

      Bay area to film a commercial.  De Vore Talent represents all ages.

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