February 25 2008 Baby & Toddler Division “Interviews”

The Hollywood Writers Strike is over – yea – and wow are we busy.

     Babies & Toddlers  Troy W. from Fresno – _Parker from Atascadero-

     Dylan S from Clovis – to Hollywood today to interview for a National

     Car Commercial. This could start their college fund savings.

      De Vore Talent see’s babies once a month. This Sunday at 10:30

      A.M. ( March 2nd ) call and make your reservation 559-255-2317.

        Sunday March 30 at 10:30 A.M. ages 1 week to amost age 3.

            If your child is registered with De Vore – and we do not have

      a current work permit ( send them to our office ) and recent

      photo ( we need new photos every 4 months on children under

      three) their photos are not going out – we cannot submit children

      without current workpermits. We called “Ericka” L. from Fresno

      last week with a National “Pampers” commercial interview &

      could not reach her – if you change a phone number or address-

      send it in to our office in “Writing” .

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