February 12, 2008 People Magazine – Feb 18 issue

         Our Models are in People Magazine – Full Page Frito Lay – Shot in

       the Central Valley – Sylvia from Porterville – these ads you can also

        see on the Internet – last August we had teen model – Brittany age

        15 from Madera in all the Teen Magazines in Full Page Ads for

         J.C. Pennys.  Sylvia off to Greece this week to film for two weeks.

         Models at the L.A. Boat Show this weekend. Years ago Carollyn was

         a model at the L.A. Auto Show for years and Boat Show and More.

           Great Money & Lots of fun for you Models -Male & Female.

          We are contacting the “Hot Rod” Horror Cast to appear at the

          Southern Yosemite Automotive Film Festival this March – So

          many of our actors got to work in this film. Join Carollyn &

          staff on Saturday at this event. Kids – special activities for you

          too. We’ll let you know where we are meeting for lunch on

          Saturday –

          Watch “Jericho” this   Tuesday at 10 PM on CBS – check out the

            Jericho website – we have had a few actors work on this great

           series – kids too – we heard Carollyn was on set too for all the

           Military Helicopter scenes. Her favorite

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