February 11, 2008 Kia Commercial

    Kia Commercial – view “River” age six – sleeping in the “Kia”

    on “You Tube” on the new Kia Sportage Map Pin “Funny Car

    Commercial” Have you seen 11 year old – Alexandra – from Fresno on KidzBop13-  Wow – what a cute Commercial.

     Hollywood Writers Strike – The Hollywood Agencies – have had time

     to go thru their photo files – and we have been notified if you are under

     age 18 and your photos are more than two years old – you will not be

     submitted – you must update your photos with kids every two years.

       You can get new head shots or modeling portfolios on Sunday March 2

       at our Fresno Studio – We also need current copies of your child’s

       work permit or they are not submitted – Show Business is a “Business”

       so make sure you are “up to date”  you photos and resumes …and

       we need to see you at least once a month.

       Evan age 12 – Christian age 10 – Hunter age 10 from Visalia –

       interviewing for a Sony Modeling Assignment – wow this really

       pays well – Madison age 10 and Alyssa age 11 from Clovis on this

       too – Wedding Scene – they saw Moms and Dads too.

      Hummer – National Commercial – Parents and kids – Cody age 10

      from Clovis on this one. Cody has been with De Vore Talent since

      the age of 4.

      Photos out of our Tweens & Teens on the “American Girl ” movie –

      Teens who can really sing – Musicial Theatre background – photos

      and resumes being submitted for a New Series – wow – the opportunities

     at De Vore Talent are amazing.

      Paige auditioning for a new Web Series – thanks Carollyn –

       Web Series will give actors all ages more roles – a great


       Carollyn deciding what to wear to the 80th Academy Awards –

       Meghan age 10 from Hanford interviewing for a Commercial

        they will show in Movie Theatres – with a Major Star –

       Sylvia from our Hollywood Office – filming in Greece for the

        next two weeks – you just saw her on “The Underbelly” and

        “The Office” and she started her Modeling & Acting career

        with De Vore Talent 13 years ago – she is from Porterville

          speaks German & French – which helps her land those

          special roles –  Sylvia also modeled for the Frito Lay Campaign

          filmed in the Central Valley – cast by Carollyn De Vore.

            Check out FritoLay.com 

            Did you see the Hallmark Valentines Day Commercial –

             Couple in the Car – Rock Band – etc.  We had clients

              audition for this – What a great commercial –


           Mariah Carey Video auditions for our 18 plus models and

           actors – Brett P. filming Verizon Commercials.

                           Happy Valentines Day from De Vore Studios

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