Fall T.V. & Commercials

Is your Baby or Toddler with De Vore Talent – we have photos

going into Hollywood for a famous Baby Store – Modeling ( Print )

Assignment  Ages 4 months to 28 months – boys and girls. Make

sure we have current photos ( every 4 months) When your child

is under age 3 – we cannot send out-dated photos to casting

directors – they want current photos.

   Interviews will be after Labor Day – exciting –

Darrian age 8 – on set in Malibu this week – filming a Music

Video – Darrian is from Dinuba and just signed with De Vore

Talent – and getting professional Head Shots – with Heather -\

  our Hollywood Photographer who comes to Fresno to shoot

your professional head shots

Jack & James W. age 5 auditioned for “Pushing Daisys” you have

seen them on “Big Love” HBO series & more.

Did we tell you “Deep” who attends FSU got to audition for

Beverly Hills 90210 new series – what opportunities you have

at De Vore Talent.

Carollyn’s husband – Location Scouting for a Car Commercial in

Death  Valley this week – 125 degrees – Johnny was on Indiana

Jones as the assistant Location Manager when they filmed at

Chandler Field – what a “show biz” family. Carollyn cast our

local actors in Indiana Jones.

Richard Randall – Mr Clean on Monster House – interviewing

in Hollywood to Host  a new series –

KMPH  Fox Television in Fresno – Host – Rich Kreps – Valley Life –

what a great show – Watch for Rich’s National Yellow Pages Commercial .

Photos & Resumes out from our Teen and Pre-Teen Dept to

I-Carley – Hannah Montanna & Wizards of Waverly Place – Keep up

your acting skills – you never know when you will get an interview.

Children of the Corn II – starting casting – all ages – Courtney Gaines

( red hair ) who was in the “Burbs” with Carollyn’s daughter Heather –

starred in the first “Children of the Corn “

Our  Singers & Dancers age 18 plus auditioning for Disney Tokyo

resort – how fun – and one of our Dancers on the new “Target”

Commercial with the Jonas Brothers …     Chris Bean – actor-

singer & Dancer – working on a cruise line for almost a year –

we miss you Chris – thanks for your post cards from all over the


Rebecca & Scott –  from Visalia  – who recently filmed

“Pickin & Grinnin” at the Fox Theatre in Hanford – will sing at

De Vore Studios Hollywood Show case – for Casting Directors

and agents this fall – and  Rhonda from Visalia – will sing a song

from “Funny Girl” ….show off your special talent … Nikki age 13

from Fresno will sing & perform a scene from “High School Musicial”

Joe R. graduated theatre from FSU- auditioning for CSI and

Budweiser Beer Commercial


Kids out on Mattel Toy Commercials – those Holiday Commercials

are starting — Carollyn’s daughter, Heather, starred in over 16

Barbi Commercials as a child – and started her College Education

Fund at age 5 …

  So many of you have called in and enjoy our “Blog”  Carollyn is

so busy this fall – but we will try to get something out to you weekly.

   Happy Labor Day Holiday – blessings from De Vore Studios

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