Casey Scott from Clovis – stole the scene in the opening on “Desperate

Housewives” the bar scene with the new twins on the show – our phones

at the studio were “ringing off the hook”  Casey – late 20’s who looks

like a teen just filmed “Hanna Montana Movie” and CSI – thanks
it’s amazing what you do for your clients. If they show it again this week

will you make a copy for the studio – we all want to watch it.

Filming in “The Tower” and Fresno City College were 12 of our teen

and young adult actors last weekend – a last minute casting assignment

for Carollyn De Vore – please check your cell phones and e. mails –

we never know when we are going to need you..Carollyn also notified

all the local T.V. stations that  “Hurricane Chris” and Bobby Valentine

were here from Hollywood filming – and Fox covered the event and

you saw it on local T.V. You all looked great –

Alyssa B  age 12 on a callback for a National Theme Park – proud of

you Alyssa – you see Alyssa on Heroes and “Weeds” and also is a

Pre Teen Model.

Alexandra age 12  – Fresno – new “Bratz Dolls” commercials are running –

and thanks for all your calls letting us know she is the star of this adorable

commercial. Alexandra also stars in KidzBop 13 Commercials.

Scott S. age 48 from Visalia – just started with De Vore Talent – Scott

is on a callback this week in Hollywood – and it was his first audition –

wow – that training at De Vore Studios pays off – and Scott is auditioning

for a Commercial for France in L.A. – Scott just filmed “Meteor” Hallmark

mini series in Bakersfield – and Cesar Chavez Documentary – it’s amazing

to have Carollyn De Vore  manage your career locally and in Hollywood.

   Scott’s photos by Heather – are getting those casting directors in

Hollywood to call him in – schedule your photos today –

Babies & Toddlers – all of you with De Vore Baby and Toddler division-

photos went out on a new diaper – make sure we have recent photos-

and a current work permit – so we can send your childs photo out.

Aaron Hill – starred on “Cold Case” last week – playing a football

player – and is a series regular on “Greek” – Aaron will be back at

De Vore Studios in November to teach a workshop ( date to be

announced )

   Hollywood Director Bill Brown – will be teaching a workshop

in December – you don’t have to drive to Hollywood to study Acting

 with Hollywood Professionals.

Rich Kreps – who you see on FOX “Valley Life” as the host every morning,

on NCIS – filming in L.A. and Rich has the Yellow Pages National Commercial

running – and those checks are coming in – Did you know Rich was on

“Cowboy U” and also owned “Jaspers” resturant in Lemoore for years-

We have models at L.A. Fashion Week – and the Fresno Fair this month.


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