December 21, 2007

   We are looking for baby “Premies” must be two weeks old & small to

   work on a Popular Soap Opera – call our fresno office immediately –

     if you don’t mind driving in to L.A. – wow. Kids can start their

     college funds by working in T.V. and movies.

    Thomas W. – age 8 from Hanford – Thomas looks 10 – so when you

   see him in the National Advertisments for Ford 2008 Focus – he is

   the Little Boy looking for the UFO – Modeling is so much fun for all

    ages – Thomas filmed at Paramount Studios in Hollywood – and did

    his homework on the set.

    Rebecca S. age 14  “did it again” she landed the Six Flags Commercial.

      Rebecca will film in Jan 08 – what a way to start the year.

     Gatorade – looking for great Skateboarders – male & females.

    Madison age 9 from Clovis – who rides horses – interviewing this

     week for a new Toy Commercial. Madison and her mom have fun

     going on interviews – they need to head off to the L.A. Equestrian

      Center in Burbank – to see all the horses – while they are there.

      Or American Doll Store at  “The Grove

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