December 20, 2007

De Vore Studios in Fresno will be Open on Sunday December 23rd from 12 Noon to 2 pm – To make your reservation for the Luxury Bus to Peoples Choice Awards – or pick up photos. Terri will also hold the studio open on Sunday December 30, 2007 from 12 Noon to 2 pm for your convience. Peoples Choice awards reservations are almost closed – call the studio & let’ us know if you are going.

 What an exciting year at De Vore Studios & Talent. “Indiana Jones” filming at Chandler Field in Fresno & Eagle Field in Los Banos was so exciting. We now are seeing the Indiana Jones Posters in Theatres – with a May 2008 release date. Carollyn cast Children- Teens – Adults for the Local Filming. The scene was 1940’s Peru Airports – wait till you see the Costumes everyone wore…including Harrison Ford –

Frito Lay – Print Campaign – came to the Central Valley to find Locations for Farms & Ranches – Barns & more. Models all ages filmed here in the Central Valley . Carollyn overnight mailed and E. mailed your photos to Hollywood. Carollyn and Tiama also scouted locally for Farmers & Ranchers all ages. Special thanks to “500 Club” in Clovis and “Logans Road House” in Riverpark for letting us come in to look for “great looking guys” ages 40 to 60 – Casting is always fun – Look for the advertisments in Magazines in 2008. Let us know what magazine you see these in – or Billboard –

Writers Guild of America is still on Strike – but Commercials and Modeling Assignments are Active – and films that were written before the Strike…so watch your E. mails and cell phones – you may have an interview.

Anton – from Russia – and a famous ballet dancer – interviewed for a Super Bowl soft drink commercial – they needed a great looking guy – who speaks Russian –

Cowboys and Real Ranchers – your profession may get you a National Commercial- movie – etc – interviewing for a “Super Bowl ” Commercial – you have to be able to ride a horse – Dusty from Clovis & Ed B – who just starred in the “Wendy’s” National Commercial – playing the outlaw – interviewing for this one . The Commercial will star two big Country Music Stars – watch for it on Super Bowl Sunday. We will let you know if one of our Clients gets a role. Carollyn’s husband – Hollywood Location Scout – working on this one too – looking for ranches – with Cattle to film on..

Russian Cell Phone Commercial – interviewing real Police Officers – or guys who have been in the Military – Michael L. from Fresno – interviewing on this one.

Alyssa age 11 on an interview for Hyundi – Alyssa will be happy when the Writers Guild Strike is over so she can return to filming “Heroes” “Jericho” on CBS will return in February – 12th ? Check that out – we have had so many clients work on this great series –

Freshetta – Moms & Sons interviewing – National Commercial – Cody – age 10 who just landed a role in Director Matt Sconce – next film – on this one. Evan C. age 12 from Visalia – looks like “Owen Wilson” photo out on an up-coming film with Owen – Evan also interviewing for a Disney Commercial.. Both Evan and his Mom – Rhonda – filmed “Click” for Carollyn .

Blonde Twin girls requested for a Commercial in Japan – for a Home Product – ages 4 thru 12 – Current Passport needed – Pay was $5,000 each and Flight paid to Japan – a parent has to go with Minors – also paid – and Hotel – expenses – per diem – and who is selected would go to Japan – 5 times in 2008 – with that pay for each trip.. So our kids and adults – I would get a Passport – make sure we have a copy – and you have that on your resume. Deanna & her Sister from Clovis had this interview.

Hunter age 9 from Visalia – his dad a Navy Pilot – interviewing for a 2008 Car Commercial – Character Looking Kids – lots of personality – good actors – Honda for Asian Adults & Kids – Kai age 4 from Madera – and Kim from Hanford on this one.

Babies – ages 6-7-8 months – photos were sent out on “Fisher Price” Commercial and “Modeling” assignment. Ashlyn age 7 months – from Clovis got the interview. Baby and Toddler parents – make sure we have a current work permit & photos. If you work permit has expired – we cannot submit the photo – and you never know when interviews will happen.

Latin & Polynesian Looking Couples and children interviewing for a National Commercial.

Taco Bell – National Commercial – Jack Yang – age 20 – who attends College in L.A. Kyle age 12 from Madera –

Adult Hispanic’s interviewing for Mizuno Golf Channel – National Commercial – a Wedding Scene – so everyone wore their “Wedding” look on this interview –

Male & Female Models photos out on a “Beach” Magazine – ages 18 to 70- make sure your photos are current at our office – and we have your cell numbers and E. mail –

 Get new head shots or Modeling Portfolios – on Sunday January 27, 2008 –

Dixie Cups – Africian American Models – all ages – babies too – Jhania got this interview – Jhania interviewed for “Ice Cubes” new movie – to play a Tomboy – who plays football – films in Louisiana in 2008 – Jhania is age 9 from Fresno – and looks 12 –

Carollyn in Las Vegas for a week – Casting a new “Reality” T.V. show for National Television – in Development – Dorothy – also Casting on this project – Carollyn back into Hollywood for the Announcement for the “Golden Globe Awards” –

Carollyn is casting four Films to start in February in the Central Valley & daily works Casting Local Commercials for all ages.

Carollyn wants to thank Kevin age 13 – Coarsegold – Nathan age 14- Fresno – Thomas age 13 – Reedley – Chase – 14 – Oakhurst – Burlkee – age 19- attending College in Los Angeles – for going on an “Open Call” for the up-coming movie “Will” Carollyn does not usually send a client on an “Open Call” – but she thought this might be a great opportunity – and you all got to meet a wonderful Casting Director.

Teens interviewing for a Commercial for “Six Flags” and Teen Dancers too. Ryan – Hispanic Teenager from Fresno – and Rebecca from Tulare both got call backs – wow – we are proud of you. Numerous Models you saw in Local Malls – for a Cell Phone Company were from De Vore Models – this is called “Product Modeling” great hourly pay and lots of fun. Thanks to all of you – our Modeling Department is fantastic.

Thanks to our Dance Dept & Models who danced on “Dick Clark” Rockin New Years. We will watch for you on New Years – on ABC ? This is an annual event we schedule at De Vore Studios.

Carollyn loves Janice Dickinson – show – and agrees with Janice on many subjects. Models – all ages need to take an audition workshop – we have those for you – all ages at De Vore Studios in Fresno – Models & Actors need to know how to audition for that camera. Hollywood Agents Day – December 16th was fantastic – and the Hollywood Agents & Casting Directors raved about our Central Valley Talent. Don’t miss our first interview for 2008 – Sunday January 6, 2008.

Our Fresno Studio. Ages 18 plus – don’t miss traveling with us Tuesday January 8, 2008 to the “Peoples Choice Awards”

These are just a few highlights from the past month. Christmas Blessings to all – Thanks again to Carollyn De Vore for her USO Trips during Christmas for our Soldiers in Vietnam – and to our USO entertainers who are visiting the troops this Holiday Season. To Rick Springfield – Carollyn’s daughter, Heather , was in Rick’s movie “Hard to Hold” for writing such a beautiful Christmas song for our Troops – and donating the money to our Military Families – pick that up when you are Christmas Shopping this year. Sylvia – who is our “Angel” in our Hollywood Office is in Switzerland with her family until January 08- Tom who heads up our Music Division – surfing – You saw him in “Point Break” – in Malibu – Anthonie – Modeling Division – at your local Dept. Stores – promotion modeing – Julio – working as a D.J. for numerous Christmas Parties – Terri – a “regular” at a Local T.V. Station – Suzanne – visiting from the O.C. – and Dorothy – coaching you for that next movie audition – and she and Carollyn enjoying lots of Movies & “River Park” during the Holidays – and Carollyn at “Hiatus Ranch” near Bass Lake – with her family during the Holidays – see you in 2008….. From all our Staff at De Vore Studios – blessings to all of you. * Heather – spending time with her Horses during the Holidays – and working on a numerous films for 2008

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