De Vore Models – June Fashion Show – Satuday June 28

       De Vore Models all ages will be “On the Runway” in Fresno on

 June 28th – All Ages – Plus Sizes too – Details will be released in April –

 Models will attend a “Runway Workshop” with Antonie in June before

  the big show.. De Vore Models will open for Dance Empowerment Dance

  Teams. Local Theatre & Times TBA. Female and Male Models  ..Watch

  for Wayne B. Hurley   Founder & CEO of  D.A.N.C.E. Empowerment

   on Fox T.V. “Valley Life” …telling you about this Star Studded Media

    Event for the Cental Valley….De Vore Models are honored and so

    excited about this event. ( Rich Kreps – Host of  “Valley Life” was

   discovered by Carollyn De Vore. )

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