CSI Interview – Deep R. FSU

                   Hollywood is so busy – Join the fun –

                                Thanks to Carollyn’s management skills in the

                           Hollywood Film Industry – ( she was an Agent in

                             Hollywood for years )  Deep got to read for a

                               starring role on “CSI” wow –

                          Dorothy just coached Deep for one of the biggest   

                              movies to be filmed in Hollywood and India next

                           year – we are hoping he get’s a call-back –

                                 Deep and Christine age 14 from Madera on

                               interviews for Abu Dhabi Bank National Commercial.

                       Carollyn’s husband, John West fiming a National Commercial

                          for the 2010 Superbowl –  John is a Location Scout and

                            Manager in Hollywood –

                        Moxie Dolls – are tweens  Alexandra H.  age 13  Fresno-

                           Alyssa from Clovis age 13. National Commercials –

                          you have seen Alexandra on “Bratz Dolls” commercials

                            and Kidz Bop Videos.

                       Kao & Pao who are cousins – from Fresno – just filmed the

                          Table Mountian Commercial –  drove over the Grapevine

                        this week for a National Commercial for Intel – it will pay

                          $ 4,000 to $ 5.000 Commercial & Print ( Modeling )

                               Both of these great guys have served with our Military

                             in the Middle East – and also filmed the National Gatorade

                          Commercial – Carollyn cast at Chuckansai Stadium

                                Ball Girl.

                          Stephanie Verdugo -from Clovis

                              stars in a National Commercial for ALLI –

                              and has a role in “Stricken”  battling the snow on the

                              grapevine to audition for “I didn’t know I was Pregnant”

                                 in Hollywood –

                            Carollyn snowed in at “Hiatus Ranch”  her home at

                               Bass Lake –

                                Stephanie’s teen cousin is Alexa G. age 15 who Stars in

                             Finding Hope Now – to debut in 2010 – filmed in Fresno-

                               Alexa  stars on “Crime Stoppers” local Commercial –

                                  Alexa drove into Hollywood with her dad to audition

                               for  Nissan & Mc Donalds National Commercial – for

                                 Hispanic talent.

                         Matthew Hernandez – who started with us at age 4 –

                            audition for a Japanese Beer Commercial – a $ 2,000

                             buyout – Matthew has long hair – and will dress as

                              a Pirate for his audition. Matthew is from Fresno.

                      Saatchi – National Commercial Audition for babies

                           and Toddlers – Caden & Branson from Clovis.

                        Your child can start their College Fund – working in

                           Modeling – Films – Commercials –

                       GE – Modeling ( Print ) audition – will pay  $ 1000

                           Teen girls with Braces and Babies –

                     Rhonda from Visalia and her daughter Mc Kenna age 12

                        Modeling for a Video with an “Ice Cream Truck” for

                      Smashbox Studios – filming downtown Los Angeles –

                            Charity 8 and her Dad also filming that day –

                      from Clovis.

                     New Video Game –  Young Wives in their 20’s

                       Shana from Hanford – and we welcome home her

                         husband David  USN from the Middle East .

                    Grainger – Clothing Line –  this Modeling Assignment will

                        pay over $ 4,000  – Michele L. age 19 – who will appear

                        in “Finding Hope Now”

                       I have looked thru Carollyn’s notes – and that is what

                           happened the last 7 days  –  “We Rock “

                     How did these actors & models get noticed to audition for

                        these role?  Headshots by Heather – a Hollywood Photographer

                     who comes to De Vore Studios once a month – approved by

                          dozens of agents in Hollywood – stop by De Vore Studios

                      and see her work – Headshots & Modeling Portfolios.

                             Purina Dog Food – National Commercial

                      Casey age 14 from Clovis –  teen girls that love dogs –

                            audition – Carollyn’s daughter – Heather starred in

                        2 or 3 National Commercials for Purina as a Child and

                          Teen – Wow – this is a big big big commercial.

                                 Local Filming

                    Teddy Bear working title – filming locally-

                        a “Trailer” for a feature film – landing the

                       role as the Mom with her amazing Headshot

                    is Rebecca D. from Visalia  and  Brooke age 8

                       from Hanford.  We are waiting to hear who

                  will play the Dad –  If you were in the age range for this

                         film – we submitted your headshot and resume.

                   Beautiful Blonde Flannery ( she is also a Fashion Stylist –

                           you have seen her talent in Fresno Magazine & on

                         Local Television -) and Rebecca D. from Visalia – Modeled

                           for a Medical Brochure – Flannery was cast for “Finding

                           Hope Now” last summer and she had to go to Spain to

                               film during our shoot dates –  we are glad to have

                            her back.

                                                Peoples Church

                             Whitney – plays a 1940’s mom in the Christmas Program

                                and on Dec 20th you will see our new Client – Sean L –

                               in three performances –

                           I am hoping I did not overlook anything for the past

                            week –  Enjoy your Holidays and New Years…

                             De Vore Studios “Your Hollywood Connection” is

                         closed from Sunday 20 December and we re-open

                           on Sunday January 10, 2010.

                             Oh – Dylan age 17 had a huge Commercial Interview

                                   in LA – I knew I forgot something last week.

                    Suzanne – production assistant – Hollywood

                        Terri    – Production Assistant & Casting – Central Valley

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