Countdown to the Oscars

Evan C. age 15 from Visalia who was
cast in “Click” as a Football Player when
they filmed in Shaver Lake, is driving
to L.A. to audition for a “cute” Teen for a
Scene in Adam Sandler’s new film “Pretend Wife” with Adam Sandler,
Jennifier Aniston and Nicole Kidman. Evan who plays football went on the interview with stiches in his nose from
football – they want to see “real teens”
so Carollyn told Evan’s mom to get him
on that interview. Evan’s great Football
photo  Photographer Heather took –
landed him the audition.
When you are under age 18 you need to
get new Headshots once a year. Adults
can sometimes get by with using a Headshot for two years.
Actors and Models had so many
compliments this past weekend…when “Gia” Hollywood makeup artist and
Diana – Hairstylist – assisted Heather with her local Photo Shoot.
Everyone enjoyed the pampering and got amazing photos – no wonder De
Vore clients get so many interviews – Heather is an amazing
photographer and Cinematographer & Director. WOW –
Out on interviews the last
week of February – Stephanie H. from Kerman who stars in Hot Rod
Horror, interviewed in Hollywood for “Axe”.  Stephanie is a Casting
Associate at De Vore Studios & recently graduated from FSU –
Stephanie will be assisting Casting with Carollyn
De Vore until this fall and then will be in Hollywood in a famous Casting Office “learning the ropes”.
Kara H. from Clovis – appeared in dozens
of Teen Television
shows – is now attending a famous Makeup Artist school in
Hollywood.Kara assists Heather in shoots in L.A. for Magazines &
Film assignments. Kara’s husband Andy is from Ireland and we attended
her beautiful wedding a couple of years ago – Kara’s husband
is a Lighting designer for Major
Recording Artist tours – the young couple
live in the Studio City area.
Clark J. age 17 on an Interview for Teen Boys in L.A. for a Texas Energy
Company. The Scene was teens looking in the refrigerator for a snack.
Rhonda – (you will see her in the
Gun Shop scene) in Finding Hope Now – auditioning in L.A. for a
Diabetes Medicine, the scene is a lady and her husband in a rowboat –
This is a commerical and print (Modeling)
thousands of dollar assignment, plus
residuals. You also saw Rhonda and her
daughter McKenna – Model in the Bridal
Fashion Show at the Fresno Convention
Center .
Hispanic Teens:  Corrine S. age 14  and
Carlos age 16, interviewing in Hollywood
for Digorno Pizza – National Commercial.
AT&T Interviewing for “Thugs” 
Joe Rosatti from FSU who lives in L.A. now – what an actor, and Harry
W. Jr. who has appeared in “Speed”,  Batman Films – Star Trek- and worked with Carollyn the past 18 years.
Our Senior Division – Doug S. from
Visalia on a Call-back for “Smart People” Doug is going to be attending
Matt Sconce’s workshop at De Vore Studios on March 20th. What an
incredible entertainer
Doug is & we adore his wife Jill.
Caleb from Visalia (Our Youth Division)
on a call-back on a National Burger King
Lily age 3 from Visalia on “Parenthood”
this week. Charity age 7 on “The Middle”
this week. 
Carollyn will be attending the Academy Awards in Hollywood this week –
The 21st time she has attended.
We are your “Hollywood Connection”

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