Cougar Town & Trauma

                      Cougar Town  stars Courtney Cox & playing her

                             Ex-husband is Actor BRIAN VAN HOLT – Brian was

                              discovered as a Teen – when he came into an Agency

                              Carollyn worked for in Hollywood in the 80’s. Brian

                              was a Blonde Surfer from Huntington Beach – Check

                               out Brian’s first TEEN Magazine Cover in our Office-

                                Modeling led to acting and Brian now has major

                                Film & Television credits – we are so proud of

                                 Brian – what a great success story – Brian has

                                 always been dedicated to his career- really

                                  studied his acting skills – Did you see him in

                                  “Black Hawk Down ”

Trauma –

                          Rich Kreps – ( Host of Valley Life – on Fox T.V.

                             locally )  discovered by Carollyn De Vore –

                            flying to San Francisco to film “Trauma”  Rich

                             has been a Paramedic – and that is what he

                             will play on this incredible new series.

                                Our office has been teasing Carollyn about

                            flying to San Francisco – many years ago for a

                              role on “Streets of San Francisco”

                                    SUNDAY  OCTOBER  4TH-

                             De Vore Studios in Fresno – will open at 3PM

                              on Sunday. ( There will not  be a workshop

                              for our “Little Stars” at 2pm )  If you are in

                              workshops at 3:15  or  4:15  or 5:30 – those

                               workshops will be held.

                               Carollyn will interview new people on Sunday

                                October 11th at 12 Noon – ages 3 to 93.

                       Taylor age 5 – filming in Brazil

                                    Taylor age 5 and her mom – Bobbie flew

                                to Brazil this week for 2 weeks of filming on a

                                   Film – and Taylor will work again on this film

                                 in Oklahoma in February – as soon as filming

                                  is over – we will let you know the film title. It’s

                                    a true story – is Taylor the next Dakota Fanning ?

                                    Taylor just filmed “Little Tykes” playhouses

                                  National Commercial.

                             ALEXA G.  age 15 – Heroes

                    Alexa G.  age 15 who starred in the film “Finding

                               Hope Now” this summer – filmed in Fresno –

                             Casting Director – Carollyn De Vore – filming on

                              “Criminal Minds”  she was in the first episode

                               with the Hispanic Family –  Alexa will soon be

                                seen on “Heroes” – thanks to  her mom and dad

                               for taking her “on set”

                                     So many of you ask if Carollyn has time for My Space –

                                      Face Book –  she just does not have time – her 24/7 hours

                                        are spent getting you interviews –  just not enough hours

                                      in the day  to chat –  yes we all call her a “workaholic”


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