Corky Pigeon “Star of Silverspoons” Kids Workshop

Saturday:  August 10th, 2008

3:30 pm  To 5:00 PM              ages  4 to 13

    Limited enrollment

 ( 5 PM  parents bring your camera’s and the

    Child Stars of the 80’s People Magazine – We

   got ours at Barnes & Noble – for an autograph

 session with Corky. Corky was born in Fresno –

  and is excited to bring his family back to meet


   Corky’s workshop is going to be so much fun.

 His Energy and Excitement about being a child

  actor is the perfect workshop for your child.

  Corky lived with the De Vore family during his

Silverspoons years – and went home on the weekends.

  Corky and Carollyn have so many great stories from

  those years – Corky will talk to parents about taking

 kids on interviews & show T.V. clips from his shows.

    What an incredible workshop for your child.

A Perfect workshop to attend before fall T.V. season

starts – great workshop to put on your resume.

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