Christmas Blessings 2008

Cowboys 40 plus – in 1800 wardrobe auditioning for a Video

Game – will shoot in January 09 – Ed B. from Bakersfield –

  Dusty from Selma ( Dusty has a National Master Card Commercial )

   Scott S. from Visalia – our Cowboy Stars –

  Kourtney D. age 11 from Clovis –  interviewing for a Toy Commercial –

    and Mc Kenna age 11 from Visalia –  ( scene is kids playing with

   a game while “camping” and Darrian S. age 9 from Reedley

   French Speaking Sylvia – Porterville & Burbank resident – interviewing

     for Beverly Hills 90210  and  German Speaking Girl ( Sylvia )  for

    “The Unit” – 

     Madeline R.  from Modesto area  age 13 – filming “House”  Madeline

       just started with De Vore Talent & Models –

       Julio Lopez –  interview for “Nip & Tuck”  starring role –  Julio is in

       opening scene of “Hot Rod Horror”  now available on DVD at

        Girls 5’6 plus and age 18 to 29 for a famous jean commercial

         must be a size 3 – to film in Hollywood

         Babies – newborns  age 2 weeks to 30 days old – your photos

           were sent out for a National Diaper Commercial.

         “Fig Garden Village” new commercial is fantastic – with De Vore

           Models all ages – and Dylan age 4 –

           Sunday Dec 14th –  at 4 pm we will have a Pot Luck Dinner

             at the Studio – bring your favorite dish or dessert – and let

            us know you’re attending – 

            De Vore Studios will be closed Sunday Dec 21st and open

             again on Sunday January 11th – we will still be having

              interviews locally and in Hollywood – so check your cell

              phones and e. mails   

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