Casting “Finding Hope Now”

  “Finding Hope Now” will be filmed in Fresno in June 09.

    So many of you are E. mailing and calling us – to find out

  about auditioning for this incredible project. We are keeping

    all of the photos you have sent and information –

      After being an Talent Agent in Hollywood for years –

   Carollyn De Vore is now a Casting Director –  The Producer-

     Director & others are looking thru the photos or snapshots

   you submitted for this film – if you “look the part” you will be

    called and E. mailed to come in and audition for a role.

       So check your e. mails – at this time – we are interviewing

    for  starring and co-starring roles – we will get to other roles

     and background roles in April and May – so be patient –

        Remember casting & interviews are “Selection” not Rejection –

    all of us are a certain age – type – nationality –


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