Casting – Credits – Casting

                    Thanks for all your calls – Carollyn De Vore was the

                     Principal Casting Director on the local film “Finding

                     Hope Now”  Associate Casting Director was Dorothy

                     Snyder  ( Dorothy is the most incredible Acting Coach

                     in the Central Valley – she studied with Lee Strasberg

                     in New York and Hollywood – and has been a member

                     of Screen Actors Guild as an Actress  like Carollyn

                      for years.)

                      Dorothy was the coach for 8 year old Giana C. of

                       Fresno for her role of “Angel” in “Finding Hope Now”

                       and Alexa G age 14 who starred as “Sylvia” Dorothy

                        donated her time to coach and was on the set for

                        the kids when they filmed. What a great lady

                       De Vore Casting also provided 90 percent of the

                       background extras on the set – babies – kids –

                       teens – adults and seniors – we know Carollyn was

                       E. mailing and calling 24 hours a day. Thanks to all

                        of you who volunteered to be a background actor.

                       Carollyn cast all our local actors on Indiana Jones –

                       Click – Mousehunt – Alien Species – Clean Up Men – 

                       Hot Rod Horror – Warpath – Love – Stricken –

                       and more – National 7 UP Commercial with Orlando

                        Jones – John Mellencamp Video – Michelle Branch

                        Video – and of course  “Gatorade – Ball Park Girl ” –

                         and supplied PA’s and crew for most of these projects –

                         filmed locally.

                        Dozens of Local Film Makers have worked with De Vore

                         Casting the past fifteen years – Movie Shorts – and this

                         week Carollyn is casting the local short film  ‘Mercy’

                           and this fall will be casting “Robo Teen” a SAG movie

                         with all ages.

                          Wow- Richard Randall just called in and had an interview

                          for “House”  Richard was Mr. Clean on “Monster House”

                           landed a role in “Finding Hope Now” as the “gun shop

                           owner”  what a great guy –

                            Teens – Adults & Seniors interviewing for a National

                             Starbucks Commercial in Hollywood – Our phones

                             are ringing “off the hook” it’s Fall T.V. season.

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