Baby & Toddler Stars

Gianni L age 18 months old – took the baby & parent

workshop at de vore studios – in December.

  Hollywood had a “Writers Strike” early 08 and filming

   slowed down

now it’s  finally busy – fall commercials – Holiday Commercials- Modeling assignments….yea…

   Gianni L – mom is a nurse – Sarah – and dad Joe

is a mechanic – will be filming a National Commercial

  in Hollywood next week – now Gianni can start his

College Fund – they put 15% away for show biz kids

until they are 18 –  we will let you know the product

  he is filming next week. How exciting.

     Our next baby seminar is Sunday Aug 31st

 at 10:30 AM…call 559-255-2317  ages 1 week to

   32 months old…

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