Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader ?

Madison – Clovis – had a interview in Hollywood for “Are you Smarter

  than a 5th Grader”   – years ago – Chris C – from Kerman – filmed

  the “12 Days of a Redneck Christmas” with Jeff Foxworthy – Carollyn

 went on set for the filming – and adores Jeff Foxworthy and was

   impressed he arrived on set in his “Truck”

  The Wright Twins – James & Jack came so close to booking the

    starring role in “Meet the Fockers” a few years back – as toddlers-

      Casting is starting for kids on “The Little Fockers” so we are

     submitting all you kids in that age range.

    Corrine S- age 13 – beautiful Hispanic Actress – interviewing

     for National Sears Commercial. ( fresno )

       Our Toddlers – Children – Adults are starring in the “Fig Garden”

       Commercial for Mother’s Day –


        De Vore Studios is closed Mother’s Day Sunday –

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